Sunday, August 16, 2015

Something's Fishy

... Gently coaxing my dear daughter through the entrance of our local fish market, her eyebrows instantly raised as we entered. "Sheeew!!! " she said, as she pinched her nose and jerked her head high , aghast. She looked around amazed that no-one else was bothered by the smell. I watched as her eyes slowly began to tear.  She looked up at me....eyes pleading to leave,  yet wanting to endure... knowing my love for the world of fishing. She let out a cough, and a gag or two, as I ordered some grouper and scallops.  Distracted by a few large fish heads to be sold for fish soup,  and then by a tank filled with live blue crabs...she slowly began to assimilate. We studied the different varieties of sea life, displayed  proudly as gems in their glass enclosed cases. By the time we left, about 45 minutes later,  the stinky stenches had permeated our clothing and found acceptance with our olfactory nerves.   We had assimilated.
      Fish stinks. There is no denying it. Only accepting it,   or getting used to the smell.   There is no market for mullet perfume,  or for squid flavored soda pop.   We must be careful what we assimilate to....lest we become what we hate. Recall those things that would never have been accepted just a short time ago,  but are now part of our culture due to the shame of political in-correctedness,  sly political incrementalisms, and assimilation. Choose to hold dear the things inside that you know to love, that you don't become what you hate...