Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Ice Cream for Everybody!!

I keep hearing how Trump is "not qualified" because he has no experience in politics! Yikes! What this country more "good" liars, .....those "practiced in politics".....thoroughly indoctrinated... and catering to the whims of their chosen political party or PAC. Yes, yes...the Ice Cream Man and self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders has so much more going for him than Trump! He will have  U.S. Government issued Ice Cream for everybody!!  And what about Hillary's experience ?  She has been wearing a proverbial dog collar for philandering husband Bill Clinton for years. What kind of feminist plays down a cheating husband?  One who sees benefit in riding his coat-tails to the gain votes!.  Look...these guys are politicians! What they are good lying, scheming for votes, catering to poll data ...and usurping your civil liberties as they legislate to expand the ever-growing black-hole of government.  Why would anyone choose to hold the category of "politician" in high esteem? Trump, although risky Presidential material, has an unrefined but much needed candor about him. Unfortunately, being a slick and slitheringly manipulative politician has become a pre-requisite for becoming President!! Don't hold Trump in high esteem...and certainly do not hold any of those other bastards in high esteem either. Hold their feet to the fire! That is a civic duty.