Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Beaten Path

So you decided to go for it.  Finally  machete through the thickets to that place you have never been before.  Did you find Heaven?  Bliss?  Revelation? Rebirth?
Creating a pathway in your mind access to places lost or forbidden....driven by curiosity...boredom...your quest for freedom....rumored enlightenment?   What did you find there?
There are paths overgrown for reasons.  No one wants to go there.  When your curiosity gets the better of you,  remember that once you have beaten a path to that God-forsaken place ,  you may find yourself running back in holy terror!  And since  the trail has been will be easier to go back there.   The  terror may come without hindrance now.
      The same can be said for enlightenment.  The path there overgrown, for many would choose not to have it.
      Choose carefully your beaten paths.  Chiseled accesses to places frightening...or enlightening.  Once you have created the pathway,  it will be easier to go back there....the once jungled journey you have now made a much easier trek.....