Sunday, August 16, 2015


 Trust.  Given ...lent...built.  The sum of bridges constructed , borders crossed, and sins ignored.  Family with faith and hope. Precursor to love.  Enlightening to the point of blindness. All of us have it,  and  want a place for it.
     It is an emotion of the soul. It is yours to keep or give, shelter or expose, bury or set aloft. It is expressed in comforting relief of conscience or guilt.  A mind's cornerstone of freedom.
     We are all skillfull manipulators of trust. Not just a natural tendency....but a necessary  component of survival....we will build trust with an instinctive intent to breach it.  An art formed of desire and need.  Insidious and self serving. Subconsciously ...skillfully....manipulated. Observe the natural human tendency to build trust, .....just to breach it..
       "The best way find out if you can trust to trust them".   Ernest Hemingway