Sunday, August 16, 2015

Enabling Will

     The most integral part of the ability to accomplish a matter of will.  Without will...there is nothing.  No beginning.  No heart's thumping desire to attain. We can be smart, astute, born with great aptitude, aggressive, patient, endearing, manipulative, spirited, a bastard, cunning, forthright, disciplined, organized, thoughtful, ....born with an innate ability to lead, to build, to destroy, to love, to hate, to be true, to influence, to attract attention, to persevere, to gain perspective.  All of them useless without will.
      We all have the ability to defend the helpless. But can we muster the will to do it? We all have the ability to squeeze the trigger, cut the throat, hurl the brick, or swing the tire iron that would end a life.   But what of the will?
       Will is ability. And it is comingled and in constant battle with fear.  Fear sometimes enables the will. ...energizes a nitrous pill or an adrenal needle thrust into the  heart to keep it pumping with  vigor and vivation.....
      Learning to use fear  is embracing freedom...relinquishing it's control of your will.  From fear or love or lust for life and is time to enable will.