Monday, December 12, 2016

Personality Conflict

It's not your choice!    After a while,  the program has been written. Thoughts that enter the waiting room  that is the temporary holding place in your mind....
    Some are harmoniously Hoovered and instantly etched into engrams.   Others are quickly  rejected or  begrudgingly held.  Met with a hesitant reception.  Gathered and sojourned,.... then allowed to slip  away into oblivion.
   Foreigners!   Abstract to your patterns of thinking,  they could not find a home here.

What is important to you has been defined and determined by your developed personality.  Artist, math genius, or bank robber?   A playful mind filled with jokes to tell?   Or one of wit and wisdom?   A confident man will often disregard the peripherals and lodge pertinent information for instant retrieval! A caring one will gather these peripherals and assess their affect on others. The psychopath sees only his  world and remains within it. .  The empath starts from a world outside of himself.

It is "personality" which proscribes what stays, or what goes...when passing through the sifter that is one's own mind.  Through common threads of association, or repetition....what enters can be captured and kept..   But what truly becomes the heart of the man.....what permeates each softened cell and changes it's a matter of his formed (or malformed) character and personality.