Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Apple's First Bite

(...from an apple's first bite) 
I think it is important to attempt to understand how the " Women's 'right to vote' "..
has shaped and changed America and the world.

 It may not come to the "War of All Wars" , as concluded  in the attached post,  ....but the gender gap that exists today is becoming more prevalent, and it  is bringing that scenario closer to REALITY! One day perhaps, there just may be a "WAR OF ALL WARS"..and it will be a war between the vs. woman,  balls vs. bosoms.
These are the social norms that have been allowed to proliferate since the women's right to vote :

>> A developing deterioration for the sanctity of life
>> The  attempted asexualization of humanity that is purveyed by today's culture.
>> The de-masculinization of the American male and  a growing attack on "masculinity"
>> The indoctrination of political correctness in our schools and our children.
>> The bastardization of the concept of God or religion.
>> Development of  a  'Hitler-esque'  media that propagandizes a society willing to be spoon fed information.
>> The attempted redistribution of wealth  and the acceptance of socialism in a formerly capitalist America.
>>  A repudiation and smug  unwillingness to acknowledge the rest of the world's cultural, racial, religious  and genetically evoluted differences , an attempt to homogenize the planet  and humanity to politically correct idealism. 
>>  A  willingness to tear away time tested mores and standards that have been developed over millenia.
>>  The succumbed acceptance of our disappearing freedom for a small taste of security.
Safety?  Security? Freedom stands in the way! 
 Life?  Liberty?  The persuit of happiness?  More  human souls have been killed in abortion in just the last year ,  than in all the wars America has fought in it's history. 1.25  million in the United States alone.  Women's rights advocates would have you believe that there have been 1.25 million instances of rape or incest last year,  in which case could only reveal the  shortcomings of the criminal justice system.   93% of all abortions are performed for social reasons,  (that is,  the child is unwanted or inconvenient ).

Slave and child  labor is still used by the U.S.,  but  has been contracted out. We  willingly allow the use of slave labor in China,..and Mexico,.. and India,..or anywhere else in the world , in order to absolve ourselves from Conscience...the Creator of SIN!

If  these hypocrisies remain in a country which touts such principled virtues...yet lives by codes of greed,  self-righteousness and demagoguery ,  than the country WILL DIE. These social changes have been a descension of humanity and have darkened the light of America and of the human soul.

Where will we go from here?