Thursday, August 4, 2016

Victim of Your Mind's Own Manifestations

Oh prolific conjecture!  Artistically  formed from your mind's  own  salient seed!  Inseminated brain cells .. broiling at conception. The birth of your own little fantasy!

How many times have I seen this!   Self-implanted phantasms with no basis in reality!  Fears and paranoias slowly shaping a fictional character with no roots  in rational thought! Self-preservation a must!     Slowly formed ideal allowed to manifest ,....  nurtured and grown by hear-say,  rumor and innuendo....only to  reveal itself one day as an abject fantasy!
              You have become a victim!   ... of your mind's own manifestations!

Beware of the conception.....gestation...then birth!... of your mind's own little fantasies!
Be sure to nurture them from time to time with doses of truth,.. buttressed fact , ..  and adventures into reality!

Do you profess to know your boss or your co-worker,... political candidates or your fantasies you have formed from small glimpses in  text, pictures, soundbites, and good reliable gossip?
 Demon or Saint,  how much can you really know someone without having had one dinner conversation?  There is someone you have known your whole life,   ...and you are still trying to figure THEM out!  That person is YOU!

Don't become a "victim of your mind's own manifestations",  or make anyone else one!
                Angels or Devils may appear ,..  an apparition of reality...