Thursday, November 24, 2016

Master of Vague Analogies

Your mind's very own intimate  pathways, ..created and  combined ,..shaped and connected, resulting in a luminous mental concept.  Genius!  Drawn from  your own life's experiences and from the 'spin' of your unique personality. Attempting to link  your brain's personal synapses to your partner's  in this conversation, begin to draw from your own vague and faulty fusions.  Creating associations and pathways to that miserably inept place you have conjured prove your worthiness in this discussion.

Brilliance!   The flame and fire that erupted from these ignited thought processes.  It has resulted in a poignant chiseled link!  A salient truth so VIVID,   so CLEAR ...has just arrived at your mind's forefront and is sanctimoniously deposited at the end of your lips. You made your point!

You have become a MASTER!  ..of your own mind!  Able to create and nurture an association that will break through the phanteron of your brother!  An artful and eloquent picture painted exclusively for  your conversation!   You will present to him the cleverly  architectured result of your brilliant mind's very own thought processes.

Only to find that you have become a 'Master of the Vague Analogy'.

Your apples....his oranges.  Your comparison made in a desperate attempt meld your mind with his,  in this  conversation.  Striving to  somehow cross his blood-brain barrier with your beautiful creation!

 Your vague analogy may very well have fallen short of the mark, and now lies deep within a gray area...sadly sucking air in a mere  'realm of possibilities'.  As you smile with a simple pleasure at your genius, stop and reflect upon the real relevance of your creation.