Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Point of No Return

Many times I have thought about these guys. While sitting on the beach sippin' our margueritas, there's a REAL WAR  going on out there! Yet we butter up and bitch about the most trivial things ... licking a salty tequila-ed glass inebriated and unscathed.
What is it like to be a soldier and warrior?  Disciplined, focused, goal oriented and mission-minded? Trained to kill !   Eventually, though, returning to civilian life.
 Do you ever really return?
 I, for one, am going to hold out hope in a debt of gratitude, and pray for their return. At least for a little while, until I become the enemy. Then,  I'll probably butter-up like a bitch again, and prepare my best slimy civilian shitball  defense.   Don't wanna get my neck snapped, ya know!