Friday, November 18, 2016

Granny the Cane Pole Poacher

Here lies "Granny" the 'Cane Pole Poacher'
'cause an excited game warden thought he would approach her
with weapons drawn and a 30 ought six
Her death was her penalty
and his testosterone fix.

Poor Granny's small dream was just one little fish
but before her bent pole could fulfill her small wish
" The Man"  was upon her with his own little dream
of saving the planet!   "I'll start with this stream."

 As Granny bent over to reach her small bait
Our Planet's small hero did not hesitate
to bypass his taser and unleash his small pistol
and fill Granny with holes that in the wind might just whistle..

"Put down the gun! "...   our Superman said
and with a shrimp in her hands , 'ole Granny was dead.