Sunday, February 1, 2015

Obama to Mitt Romney: " Will you marry me!?" ...

     Bypassing the legal wrangling of civil union, Barack Obama let his true feelings be known this weekend , and offered wedded bliss to his once political adversary Mitt Romney.
 Tearful Mitt , overcome with emotion, blindsided and floored by the proposal, stumbled for words ...but quickly accepted when promised the wedding would be at the White House on Inauguration Day 2013.  Ensuring a co-presidency in the spirit of Bill and Hillary Clinton,  Romney lauded the strategy,  and promised that he could accept the ideal of marriage without love.
Obama, ever the romantic, swore that he could learn to love Mitt,   and would like to begin a family with him by adopting Newt Gingrich.
Michelle Obama, at first jealous and enraged  upon hearing of the proposal, softened a bit when Hillary Clinton suggested a 3- way marriage with her and former co-president Bill Clinton .  Bill quipped "  Love without marriage just ain't right"......."marriage without love.....that's what it's all about , man ".  He promised Michelle and Hillary that they could take turns at the podium,  should their adventure catapult Hillary to the White House in 2016.