Monday, February 2, 2015

Do Your Job

"   Hey,  I was just doin' my job...."
I have heard this phrase chimed time and time again .   It has become a rationale for some of the most horrendous inflictions of human injustices.
 Your "job" ...somehow linked to your value here on earth...has become "who you are" the perception of your own mind and in the mind's of others. Fireman= Hero.  Garbage man= Zero.   What is one of the first things a new acquaintance will ask upon meeting for the first time?    "So,  what do you do?"....
Whatever it is that you do...don't let prestige or power,  inadequacy or weakness allow you to become what you hate.  Whatever fantasies you have let comingle and intertwine with the label of your job,  should not define you.  Define what is right within the guidelines of your heart.  You are not your job, even though it provides you with a feeling of self-worth.  Think back to times you have done the wrong things ,  yet you were able to rationalize....only because you could say......"Hey, ...I was just doin' my job....."