Thursday, February 12, 2015

Die! Dale Carnegie, Die!

    Eternal flame requires eternal fuel.  The lucid logic drawn from humility and experience and expressed in Dale Carnegie's work,  had been used as a tool for business leaders for the better part of  a century.  It's relevance seemingly immortal as the simple logic was cast in type and reprinted for worldwide consumption.
 Finally,  the flame of his work is being snuffed by a new understanding.  Simple binary code.
     The need for understanding of human relations is now irrelevant. Positive motivations wreckless and innefficient.  Productivity  more efficiently accomplished through fear...coercion....intimidation.  Faces and handshakes replaced by spreadsheets and typeface.  Global courtships only imagine the reality of human flesh. The masses  too large to discern an individual.
     Even early slave owners understood that it was more efficient to work a slave to death ,  than to try to keep him into his old age.
      The awesome efficiency of the numbers.  The quickest way from A to to cut through your humanity.  Dale Carnegie has been the ball and chain that has kept this age's  awesome efficiency from reaching it's full potential.  He must finally die...