Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Swing Low

     America's emerging economy had always depended on slave labor.  But one day, the inner voice that had been crying out could be muffled no longer. Cursed conscience...creator of sin...finally chiseled a path from subdued subconscious to surface in a Civil War. Sweet emancipation!  Freedom found !  250 years had passed in America's history before we finally weighed the economic benefits of robbing human souls against human dignity and freedom.
      Alas, how will the fuel behind our economic engine be replaced?  We will never again stoop to the hypocrisy we allowed in the name of our economic well-being. After all...this is America!  Land of the free!
      As we rose in economic power, we began to understand a simple fact. Money buys freedom. Maybe it is okay to trade our wealth in values for economic wealth. Instead of earning freedom, we'll just buy it.   Whatever the cost.
       Forever fighting that evil leech...creator of our sin...we have moved the slave labor to other lands. China...Mexico   ....whoever we can buy into slavery.   Propping up our economy while turning a blind eye to the sad reality that we STILL depend on slavery for freedom.
      And who is next?  Who will be the next poor souls used as slave labor to keep this "economy" alive? will be you...and me...and all of us who have slowly but surely succumbed to the oppression of taxation.  You are already captive in indentured servitude to "the system".  Insidiously changing your values of freedom through incrementalism and assimilation.   "We"....are the next slaves that will prop up this American economy......