Sunday, February 1, 2015

Row Your Boat

     Discover the invariable link between fantasy and reality. Within it is a moment of truth. As we fondly reflect on life's memories,  or haphazardly gaze into our future....we embark on a journey...of fantasy. When we bring these memories to our mind's forefront... the here and now,....that moment is true...and cannot be disputed.  Unfortunately, that moment has since past with the last stroke of this pen...
      We were given the freedom of a  simple row your boat towards the light,  or to  slump your  shoulders, give up, fall asleep and drift into darkness. The gentle streams lulling you as whitewater approaches.
       Merrilly!   Merrilly!!
" If you ain't makin' waves.....y'aint paddlin'! "   (modern American Socrates, T. Nugent)
       The voice of dissent is a necessary one.  You must contantly stick your paddle into the muck to keep from running aground,....feverishly stroke to avert tragedy, and every once in awhile,  wave your oars in the air so those traveling your straits can throw you  lines of inspiration.
     "Merrilly, merrilly.....Merrilly, merrilly!!  Remember that between your life' s memories, and it's fantasies of the future lies a moment in truth.  You are in that moment.....