Thursday, February 5, 2015

Unending Desire!

Hunger......when  occasionally satisfied...sets a mind to wander. It begins a fateful journey we must all take.   Creating new hungers, new thirsts,  that must be fed and quenched. For a mind's emptiness longs to be filled with something.....And though forever filled it yearns in an endless paradox of emptiness.
     And so it becomes that we must be fed from the human menu of insatiability. What we have been given ...or become a right, and not a desire.

    ......Desire.  ....the mind's own witless creation. A stream that must be swum across,  so that we may rest on one desirable rock...and another....and then another.....the climactic opposite shore sometimes coming into fair view,   and then fading away in the fog.   A fog so dense at times ....almost obscuring the next rock.   And then we leap...or swim...or wade through murky waters to each steadying rock.  And when the fog of the obscure unknown finally lifts,  we find that winter has overtaken the landscape....and our desires turn back to rocks already leaped upon.
     The bottomless pit and pain of hunger.  Of desire.  The soothing sweetness of satisfying it forever fleeting.  It is more our nature to be hungry,  than to wallow in sinful contentment.