Thursday, September 10, 2015

The God Particle vs. The Big Bang Theory

 "If the known laws of physics are extrapolated beyond where they are valid, there is a singularity". What?   "beyond where they are valid"?

It is a manner of thinking akin to the archaic "scientific" belief in "spontaneous generation".
Is it genius to come up with a theory that is afforded such great credibility, because it cannot be disproved ?   I know some pretty good liars, and unless you can get inside the chaotic brain patterns and psychotic brain chemistry, and somehow map and explain their elaborate will never "disprove " them. Is their lie now true?

IQ may distinguish a man of science from the masses, but his mind's limits remain the same. Unless, of course, the answers were gifted to him in a sort of  "immaculate conception"....his mind a womb for his gift to gestate.  He,'s  Virgin Mary.....chosen to give birth to it and show us the path to enlightenment.  

Spontaneous generation and "The Big Bang Theory" , are ideas spawned from a frustrated attempt to explain the unknown.  Something from nothing.

How did the universe begin?  Ooh!  OOh !  I know!  I know!    There was this,  er...big,...bang!  Yeah, !  A Bang!  And then " POOF"!   ...there was this stuff floating around and crashing and 'sploding and stuff, and then it turned human!  Your welcome!

"The particle accelerator, which will be restarted this week,  (March 2015) has already found the Higgs boson – the God Particle – which is thought to give mass to other particles.
Now scientists at Cern in Switzerland believe they might find miniature black holes which would reveal the existence of a parallel universe.
And if the holes are found at a certain energy, it could prove the controversial theory of ‘rainbow gravity’ which suggests that the universe stretches back into time infinitely with no singular point where it started, and no Big Bang". ---Sara Knapton, science editor, The Telegraph
You may be right, or you may be crazy.  But to believing you can conceive the inconceivable, proves you are the latter.

You may believe that God is a laughable notion made up by feeble humans in an attempt to explain the universe around them.  Will you replace it with your laughable notion made up by other feeble humans  to explain the universe around them...and then call it  "Science"?!
Spontaneous generation. The believers are still out there.  Their " Jesus" is Stephen Hawking....