Monday, September 14, 2015

Global Fantasy

What enters your mind's fantasy when you think of "global warming"?  Lush green forests morphing into scorched parched desert?   Extra hot summers?  A malnourished polar bear balancing precariously on floating chunk of Arctic ice?   Skin cancer?   Sweaty hot summers?  High air conditioning bills?   Rising tides?  Curs-ed Republicans?   World famine and wars?   Apocalyptic doom?  God Himself relinquishing the Earth to Satan?

Human influence on Global warming is probably non-debatable. The lie propagated by the left on this that America can legislate, tax, and budget to fix it. This cocky-ass pompousness and self-righteousness represents exactly how we see ourselves. We are the only people on the planet! It may be a sad state of affairs....but no matter what the U.S. does to legislate, penalize, incarcerate, tax, ...or otherwise coerce and oppress it's own...we will not be able to dictate what the rest of the world does about the man-made element in global warming. It makes no sense to bankrupt this country even a silly and ill-fated attempt to stop global warming, while the rest of the world continues the staus-quo. We are not the whole world! We do not rule other countries, or own the planet! What exactly is the plan to stop it? To lead by example and hope others will follow? Global warming is happening.....but it is still debatable to what extent it is caused by humans and their creation of 'greenhouse gases', and to what extent it is a natural occurrence. And if God may grant you the serenity to accept the things you cannot might find opportunity in such an occurrence, and begin to recognize that there might actually be some benefit to this global climate change. But if you like to be spoon fed, accept political propogandas, and fail to distinguish between an education...and an may become blind to them and oblivious. Discern the truths in those you admire, and in those that you don't!   Beat your own path to enlightenment!