Saturday, September 19, 2015

Is the Pope Catholic ?

What used to be sarcastic way to answer a question with an inanely obvious answer...might be obsolete soon.  Has the Catholic Church succumbed to the will of it's masses in lieu of the will of God?  Has it checked it's financials, and decided that it must, God's word in order to keep it alive?   Reminds me of all the poor souls killed or jailed during Prohibition.  Criminals, were they?  Is hell-sending sin from yesterday...suddenly...not a sin  today?   Watch closely to see if wavering finances and waining church attendance lead to....less  "sin",   as the Church elects a new Pope with a seemingly more "open" mind.  The sins of yesterday may be erased with simple " reinterpretation".
    Is the Pope Catholic?   Maybe...not so much.....  as his role becomes more politicized in attempt to attract or keep parishioners.  Is the Church slowly morphing into a.....democracy?