Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Falling Off The Turnip Truck

It had been a bumpy ride anyway ....but I was used to that.  Just me and the turnips back there, tooling down a dusty country road after a hard day pluckin' em . I musta dozed off for a second,.....and as we rounded the corner.....well,  ...I just fell out!   Woke up in a cloud of dust ...looked up....and  Carlos just kept going. "Hey!!!"  I yelled,  as the festive sound of Mexican music faded into the distance. A day that started out as a hundred did before, became the day that it finally happened to me.  I had just fallen out of the back of a turnip truck.....
     For the longest of times, it was just me and them turnips back there. We knew nothing....wanted nothing...aspired to nothing. Mostly undesirable vegetables whose value was appreciated by very few.   I stumbled in a slow circle wondering where I would go.
     Suddenly, a huge black limousine appeared from a dustcloud.   A tall, dark man with sunglasses opened the door and told me to "Get in!"...    I got in.    He explained that he had been looking for me, and wanted me to come to his party.  "Most of the people coming..."   he explained...." are just like you!"  
    "Wow!"   I said..  "They all work in the turnip industry?   Do you think they could get me a job!?"     Before I could draw another breath, the doors unlocked and a large blackleather shoe came across my right cheek,   and I was once again left in a dustcloud.
      Minutes later, another black limo came sliding up the dry dirt road next to me.   The doors popped open,  and a well dressed man in a blue tie exclaimed to me...."Hi!   I'm Mitt Romney....and I'm running for president.!   I've been looking for you.   You just fell out of the turnip truck, right?"
     "Well, actually....I think I just fell out of President Obama's limousine."
The doors slammed shut and the man said to the driver..."Too late!....Let's go!...., and he flipped me a bird as his black tinted window rolled up and he sped away.

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