Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Thank You For Your Patience!

Awww!   Your welcome !   Thank YOU!!  ..for the 15 minutes of soothing elevator music you are about to play for me.
Oh!,  no!   Not me!   I am a patient man!
You know it..I know it...You thanked me for it....and so it must be  true....

My patience.

It is one of those things that is taken, before it is given.   Assuming that gratitude given before  action is taken, will ensure that action is taken.
I am going to turn these tables.  After stealing minutes of my life,  the first of the next four operators I will talk to today will willfully accept my gratitudes.  Implied and without substance,  with no grounds in reality or needed proof of worthiness....I will take their faceless recorded and canned gratitudes,   and give a few in return.
" Thank you for taking the time to listen to me!  " (  squirming operator leans back in swiveling chair and draws an impatient breathe )
.....15 minutes later.."  Thank you once again for your patience with me!   You are the first person in this company that has shown true integrity!"  ( suicide gesture of thumb to forefinger holstered for a moment , as the operator bathes in my recognition of their integrity)
" I am so glad you are not the stereotypical operator,  who just quickly spins me to the next operator,  and we suddenly and mysteriously lose connection" "  You are a great example for your company and I can see why they hired you"  ( re-affirmed existence for human trapped in rat-maze of cubicles.)
"Thank you for taking me directly to your supervisor!  You know, some people would have hesitated, or even lied and gave me a false supervisor to try to trick me into feeling satisfied.  You have been fantastic!  I will be sure to tell your soop about all the help you have given me today.  Thank You!"  (  hypnotized by the warm effervescence and daydreams of "thank you's" in a thankless job,  the operator robotically summons his supervisor)

Steal back some of that patience that was stolen from you,  through implied gestures.
It is a time when stealing and giving ...become the same thing.