Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Bless you, damn you!!

She sneezed.  I said "God bless you.". She sneezed again.  "God bless you!"', I said again. She sneezed again.
                                         "I said God bless you, goddamn you!"
Bless you, ...damn you!  As if...on my command or recommendation,.... a soul should be placed in God's favor and protection. Or condemnation....

What makes me think that my will might become the will of God?
 Because I may pray for your cursed soul,  will my whisper to His ear change His judgement?   Who is He judging?  You?  ....or your influential friends and family?

My soul may very well be damned.  Should God rely on my life's witnesses to determine my ultimate fate?  Will they have seen something He missed?

If we are somehow conjoined in spirit and brotherhood...perhaps the pleas of those who know me might buy me the wings of glory.   Will the rope they throw me be long enough to reach the depths of my Hell?  Is it their judgement, or His?

I said God bless you, God damn you!   Sometimes I find myself counting on the blessings of others,  and discouraged by their curses.  I do not know what influences they have,..or if they have any at all!
My destiny is ultimately of my own choosing.  But if I am judged by my failures,  I hope that a wink and a nod from my brothers has some influence...