Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Climax

      You will be offered a final choice....your soul freed to make it.  You will choose action, or concession.   Have you conceded to the oppression?   There are many who have already.  Still as many who have not.  But so many have willfully traded the ideal of freedom, before ever having tasted it.  Pass them  the gruel and the clouded water scooped from the swales..outside their own prison walls. For them,  a belly full replaces a soul empty. Keep me half alive until my dying day.  I want to learn to savor the taste of gruel and deny the stench of  the clouded water that sustains me.  Imprison me, if you must......but keep me alive!   Freedom is not what I desire,   and I fear it.   Keep me from the fear...the fire..the combustibility...the chaos...  . Feed them the soylent green of my soul and beg them to sustain  my bag of bones.  Passion's blood coursing might rupture my veins .  Quiet my sinful soul, and slow the heart that feeds it.  It is not freedom I desire,  except freedom from it's curse!  Let me walk among the living dead . Take my soul but sustain my body.  Extinguish the flames within me and let me walk amongst the sheep.

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