Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Pre-Occupied: Occupy Wall Street?

  I am the 99 percent. I have been sold the American dream that has become a mirage.  My life has been pirated , and it's booty re-distributed. I work for unknown reasons to fund unkown causes in unknown lands. I pay with my working life in indentured servitude to "the system".  I am a slave.  I cannot choose true freedom, lest I be jailed, ostracized , or portrayed a leech. I pay for my illusion of freedom with my working life.
      I don't have time to "occupy" Wall Street, Main Street, or any street because I am hard at work paying income taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, required insurance taxes, and hoards of hidden taxes including , social security taxes, medicare taxes, electricity taxes,   gas taxes, utility taxes  resort taxes, convenience taxes, FCC land and cell phone surcharge taxes,   finely printed obscured   taxes that are re-labeled as "fees".   If I want to access "the system", I must pay with my life.    In order to be free, ....I must be a slave to this society.
      I am "pre-occupied".... and cannot make it to Wall Street. I am the 99%  who bought into the dream only to be sold down the river.   A subtle oppression.
   "...until the next revolution"   -elrok-