Sunday, February 2, 2014

Choosing Sides

You will sometimes be told this cliche'd phrase by the "enlightened".....who would like to help you open your mind.....and understand that there are "two sides to every story"....( or argument. ).    Thank you,  you shining beacon of truth!   There was only darkened and dunned prejudice before you made me see the light.  Your incandescence has set aglow the darkened corridors of my mind, where once only shadowy beasts were able to hide amongst the cobwebs .....hiding golden nuggets of truths I have never seen before!  Thank you,  enlightened souls,   whoever you might be.....for your innate omniscient knowledge of my unknown perspectives!  With wings.....I will soar......with eagles eyes on all beneath me that was once obscured!  (Perspective pries your once weighty eyes and!.). (INCUBUS, " Nice to Know You")

Beware!  Of this cursed enlightenment!  Many times ....these well informed and self-proclaimed open-minded individuals,   have heard two sides....FROM THE SAME PERSON! (or source) .   Is that really hearing two sides?
Herein lies one of the greatest examples of why you must be a free-thinker.  Examine your sources,  and your own bias and prejudice. Discover the wealth of information and truth that can only be found in the blank spaces...between the lines. Be skeptical of your own tendencies toward propaganda and indoctrination.   Trusted friends who see both sides,  may have only one source for their knowledge.   Perhaps a biased source....
Think of the times when you have accepted that there are "two sides to every argument",   and have gathered your knowledge from only one ...biased...source. Though you feel an may be wallowing in spoon-fed ignorance.