Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hope's Clutches

     We are not bad people. We are not lazy and unthinking. We care. We like to live and love. We like to help.  We like to dream.  Immobilized by some undiscovered flaw in the grand experiment that is our Constitution....our ability to dream has become stifled and our persuit of happiness caught up in a convoluted quagmire .  So we hold on to hope. The situation seems out of our control, and without hope, it seems the only alternative is hopelessness. In truth , we have chosen the potential chaos and insecurity that comes with a soul set free.  Maybe..just maybe...if I curl up in a little ball and hope enough...and pray enough, I'll never have to leave my comfort zone to effect change.  Beware  the shackling nature of hope. It may trap you in a dreamstate of complacency.
      It's time to let go of these things that hold you. It's time to leave the things that keep you here. Help yourself end...the struggle that gets you nowhere.  This security of hope, will end in despair!  Daylight comes , and you close your eyes...and dream of night forthcoming. And when night dream again!   Precious hope is just a dream that gives you immortality..This hope that only muffles screams....screams that are reality.   Feel your fingers slipping from the clutches of HOPE.  What happens when you lose it?
        Time passes while you wonder. Time stands still while you wait.  It's time to let go of the things that keep you'leave the security of hope....

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