Saturday, February 8, 2014


     Organizing the chaos.  That is the burden wrought by establishing governments. Attempting to reign in processes of thought as whimsically as grasping hot air.  Arrogantly designing a system of dams and levies in a desire to direct the insanity which is the ebb and flow of the human mind and the human condition. When the dams fail, ...and the levies break,.....what will be left in the aftermath?
     The cursed chaos will resume, and it's insanity will cause no less harm than the governments attempts to organize it.  No doubt, when the floodwaters break....fear will have you feverishly filling sandbags to stop them.   But they have been held back for too long.
    When the water settles, ......who will be left in the aftermath?   Those who were left holding empty bags for sand, ...or those that took to higher ground?......