Friday, November 18, 2011

Look Up to Humble

      How many times have we attached pious deity to our our representatives, only to find them disappointingly human. The soundbites and make-up that made them a cut above. The illusions of knowing their hearts without having had one dinner conversation. Our lives and our dreams placed willingly into their hands. Astounded when they stoop to the ugliness of their own flawed humanity...
      It is time that we look up to humble.  Political arrogance has cost us our inheritance.  These political gods must be humanized.  They are no better than us, nor should they be. Traits of humility that allow us to discern, to weigh, to deduce and remedy...are the traits to be desired.   Nothing is more dangerous than the delusion of omnipotence...


  1. Outstanding sentiments. It can be a painful lesson to learn...but a necessary one, if we are to avoid tyranny.

    I see your blog's pretty new. Have you settled on a basic idea yet of what you want it to be about? Just glancing over your posts, I wondered if you're intending this to be some sort of political/cultural poetry blog.

  2. I hope this blog helps us find freedom again someday. Seems like it is lost, and that it's loss is becoming acceptable. It was a revolution that began this grand experiment more than 200 years ago. We are a nation of rebels and explorers and upstarts, not to be oppressed. I know that there will be another revolution someday, although maybe not in my lifetime. It will begin with a revolution of spirit...that will reveal that which has become "too familiar to be recognized".