Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Obama Kills Osama

     When I heard that Barak Obama was an actual contender in the race for the presidency,  it was the first thing that came to mind.  Are they (" they " being those unknown entities that cause all harm .....generated by our deepest paranoid  influences" ) , or is fate...concocting some strange set of events that would bring such a headline?  Some six years later, it has become true!  I am wondering if as time goes on,   history will reveal odd coincidences like those little freakish factoid findings that surrounded the deaths  of Kennedy and Lincoln.
     Was Obama elected because of his race?   Or was Obama elected because his name was eerily close to that of Osama?    Was part of America simply trying to prove their "Non"-prejudice by electing him?   Osama Binladen/Obama Biden?!   Points to ponder as fate keeps rolling the dice and eeks out a smirk every time he rolls snake eyes....

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