Thursday, November 10, 2011

Your child: Inoculate and Indoctrinate

Welcome, dear sweet our world.  Now stay calm and have a seat...this won't hurt a bit!   Just close your eyes...and before you know it, the pain will be over. Our vaccines will ensure that evil influences from within never have a chance to show themselves and cause you great pain. We will help you build resistance  ...keep you from fever....and quell any uprising that may build within you.
      We'll start with a series of vaccinations ("eleven shots by two sure are you, Ma?")...intended to  fend off  diseases that might spread to the masses.   A real personal "hello" injected into your child by two.   Without any personal research  or doubt,.. let us pierce your child with a needle to thwart off subtle influences from within. And as a parent...filled with faithful allow it ... in a dunned conformity... naively lofting your child into a  false perception.  A timeless world of butterflies and bumblebees ...where life's biggest tragedy is a skinned knee. Illusions promised of dreams fantasied  in a world where decisions....even as they involve your child...will be made for you.
     Promises of an education!  Well why not??  You trusted them with needles injecting unknown microscopic substances into your greatest work of art. Certainly they can be trusted with your child's education.
    ' Trust,...educate your dear sweet child. There is really nothing left for you to worry about. We've got it from here....'