Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Forge a Signature

     You were not there when your name was scripted.  But you will be blamed when the check bounces....forced to prove a kniving heathenous wretch has forged your name on your personal account. Who was this scheming psycho who dared to enter your personal space and abuse your good name?
      Was it ... uncle of yours that breached your trust when you allowed him to enter your house by the mere happenstance of his relation to you?   Was he born on the fourth of July and audaciously waved the banner of the American flag as he left your house on his birthday?  Did he wave goodbye with a wink and a nod as he scurried out the door with his hand over his vest?     Did he gesture love and a snickering as he forged your good name to his wrongful deed?
      Remember that you are related not by blood, but in this uncle who has taken to  the excesses of booze and has slowly gone senile. When he comes back again,  kick him out...and let your brothers know he's in the neighborhood....