Friday, November 11, 2011

Rock the Baby's Cradle

      Ahhhh!  Sweet, sweet complacency!   As blissful as ignorance, and as comfortable.  Like we never left the womb.  When it rains....we don't get wet.   Food is  provided daily . A constant and contentful 98.6 degrees. Whatever that noise is outside...we can drown out with the sound of our own heartbeats.
       But alas...we will be forced to leave.  Primal forces will ultimately win, and boot us out onto the sidewalk of life. Rythmic pulses in ever increasing intensity repelling  what has now become a foreign body.
     Rock the cradle.
        The voices we have chosen to soften are our own. The screams muffled by the deafening sound of nothing. In a dreamstate of blissfull complacency.   No real reason to stoke the flames within,  as long as we can continue to exist in the meandering state between sleep and reality.     " .....until the next revolution...."   -elrok-