Friday, December 16, 2011

Paying With Your Life

      The average value of human life is less than 20 dollars per hour. Sometimes a lot less. But you agreed, and then traded your freedom for a piece of the action.  Eyes downcast as you pass the bossman who feeds the greed. Willingly offering him your life and freedom at a price...for the illusion of a life of security. With will, skill, luck, and will buy your freedom back by the ripe young age of 62. Or 65. Or 70.  Or whatever age it takes to "save the system".  The plan for saving the system is to make sure you never collect!
       What price will we pay for the wars we never fought?  You will lay down your life!  Eyes downcast as you allow the government bossman to guarantee your life as he simultaneously takes it away.  The "greatest generation" will be completely gone in 12 years. They may have saved freedom for the world as each took a personal stake in their own freedom from evil and tyranny. And WE are their replacements!!
Far removed and virtually unscathed by the battles fought abroad...we have sacrificed our freedom at home to fight battles across the globe. We will pay with our tax dollar. We will pay with our indentured servitude to the government of the U.S.  We will pay with the subtle yet unrelenting oppression that will consume our children through overwhelming monetary debt. Our battle will be long and hard. Sacrificing freedom to ensure the illusion of freedom.