Saturday, August 24, 2013

Unlawful Intent

The sickening pride of legislation.  From where does it emanate?  From a desire to have your name permanently etched in history?  Perhaps a need to achieve hero status, and save the world from themselves?  Year after year after 237 years of them federally...not to mention state, county, city, law and ordinances ....YOUR elected officials making things better for you by slowly eroding your freedom.  Is the list of things you "can't" do now greater than the "list" of things you "can"?
Because it is the law, does not necessarily make it right. The intent to curb and cage society for the common good well for a society of sheep. We are not sheep.
    ".Nothing so needs reforming as other peoples habits.
Fanatics will never learn that, ...though it be written in letters of gold
    across the sky!
It is the prohibition that makes anything precious. ".  - Mark Twain
    Human nature....tell them they can't and they will want to all the more.
    The nature of sheep leads them to eventual slaughter...

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