Monday, December 2, 2013

Obama Cares

Who cares about your health?  Why, it's the guys on the corner of Happy and Healthy!  Walgreens!   They care, because they can profit....You are a patron  for the quality of their service and convenience...
Obama Cares!   Of course he does!   Government's prodigy thinks he has found the eternal profit of your vote,  and amorous benefit to his cause .   The Communist Democratic Party.
     Does he care about your health, or quality of life?  Most certainly,  so long as you become subservient to your government...and are hammered into the mold he has made for you. Like the devil himself ,   he will offer you feigned and empty promises of nothing....yet make it seem glorious...
Obama Cares.   But what does he actually care about?  Pompous and self-righteous,  his pride is at stake.  He will say whatever it takes to save it.

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