Sunday, October 27, 2013

Silent Revolution

A  Revolution has begun. Can this one be realized without squeezing a trigger,  firing a cannon,  releasing toxic gases or loosing viral pandemics?   Is it possible a revolution can won without sacrifice....that it can emerge and envelop existing paradigms born from the onset of civilization?  An upwelling of love and compassion built on a growing awareness and recognition that we are all brothers in humanity?
Greed will stifle any such revolution.  Utopia a concept left for Heaven.  Kingdom Come. Denial of evil's existence will only allow it to insidiously flourish. Endless sacrifice is necessary to keep it at bay.
      The silent revolution. Burgeoning effect of a population no longer stifled by ignorance or subdued by propaganda. Powerful forces will wage war to keep the status quo.  There will be a price to pay. But this revolution is underway...

Revolution is remedy for the resurgence of evil in an eternal battlefield for the human soul.

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