Saturday, February 25, 2017

Mr. Brain

Whenever things get hard to explain
I simply summon..."Mr.Brain"
He guides me to my memory fading
If not, he'll hear a soft berading..
"Awe,  come on now Mr. Brain!"
( guide to my life's memory lane)
Take me to the place I'm asking
Where things I can't retrieve are basking...
so merrilly ..while seeming to ignore
my calls to them while they bathe and snore.
"Wake up!"  you rascally thoughts so near
"Get Up!  Get Up!"  and join me here!
Oh, Mr. Brain.. come help me rouse their sleep
Raise those memories buried deep
I'm your cheerleader, I'm your fan!
"Awww , c'mon Mr. Brain!"...I know you can!