Sunday, February 5, 2017

We are Killers! :Your Non-American Life is Worth the Price

Of course we are killers! We entered Iraq because we thought we could get away with it. The justification? To save our rich oil sheik friends in Kuwait? To save the country's poor helpless citizens? Nope! We invaded Iraq preserve the free flow of oil at market prices; the fuel for the fire behind a lustful, boastful, self-righteous American economy and citizenry. We can't be poor and free! We can't be 2nd best and free! Of course we will kill for freedom! It is worth any price! How many innocent Iraqi civilians died in the 100-hour war? You do not know. How many have died since? You do not know.

The reason you don't know isn't from stupidity or from lack of aptitude.
Sometimes 'not knowing' is a matter of convenience. It is a chosen ignorance.

Is there such thing as duty, honor, country...patriotism in a back-ass third world country like Iraq? Are there such things as religious principle? Are there mothers, ..fathers, children , saints or angels? There has been a repudiation and smug unwillingness to acknowledge the rest of the world's cultural, racial, religious and genetically evoluted differences.
We killed for oil. We killed for lust and greed, under the guise of patriotism and freedom. What price might the rest of the world have to pay, for our illusion of freedom?