Sunday, July 24, 2016

A Clear Vision of the 20(/)20 Olympics Tokyo 2020!!!

By the year '2020'  I hope we have  " cleared  the hurdle " around the controversy of anti-doping in the Olympics. Firstly,  it is inherently unfair that a person should win an athletic competition just because he lucked into the better gene pool. Why should I be denied entry into the 100 meter butterfly swim competition just because my parents were both under 5 feet tall and my arms take me through the pool like a flailing sea turtle?  Why should Kenyans be genetically endowed with such long-distance running superiority,  and I be denied just because I am a young stocky legged Jewish boy?  This kind of prejudiced injustice MUST END,  and ALL athletes in the Olympic Games granted access to any means necessary that will make these games FAIR!  Doping?  YES!!  :)    Genetic splicing??  not "yes",  but 'HELL YES!!".  Steroids, ketamine, cocaine, crack, psycho-tropics, and other performance enhancing drugs?    Yes, ..yes ..yeS..yES and ..YES!! ...  Government leaderships threatening dungeon time, torture, or holding your family captive? Why not!   Lance Armstrong the head of the International Olympic Committee?  Great!!  Yes,  it is time to see things more clearly by the 20/20 Olympic games!   There is only ONE way to make this competition fair.   It will be a free-for-all,  but it will be one hell of a competition!!.    Damstrate.! ;)