Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Feigned Gesture

Did you ever have someone offer something to you,  when they have no intention of giving it to you?  Sometimes uttered, but often times.... offering it in a word-less gesture?  Disingenuous  'head-fakes" ........which are sometimes guised in friendship or sympathy,   but  are void of sincerity?                    These insincere offered courtesies...  are a hollow and manipulative artwork painted with a soft brush.   The canvas:  the needful  and naive nature of your human mind. That  caring, loving, helpful and giving friend or family member....really does not care, or love enough, does not want to help,  or give a goddam thing.  But they will offer it.

    Is it for love or sacrifice?  Often times,  it is for neither.  It  is a 'feigned' gesture, ... given in hopes that the offer  alone will manifest in your mind.... and create an image of a venerable angelic creature who does not exist !  The weight of his gestures too cumbersome against the weight of love in your relationship, this manipulative character will soon find a way to ease out of his commitment should you take him up on it.

   The next time I drop some change,  and my good manipulative buddy half-heartedly leans over to help pick it up......I will stop and let him do it...., holding my lower back in a feigned but grimacing pain.  I will feign a  reach for my wallet after dinner at the Outback,  and thank him quickly after he offers :     " Oh, lemme get that!".   Then,  I will quickly  scurry off to 10 minute handwashing session  in the bathroom.  My good manipulative buddy has no idea that he will be helping me paint the house this weekend. I am going to take him up on his offer to assist!
     He is a politician, ... who will promise  you the world ...knowing that the world is not his to offer!  Like a sinner who prays for forgiveness,  but does not repent,  the truth of his nature will eventually be revealed. Something tells me that soon,  very soon,   I will have this friend no  fulfilling these gestures brings burden to our relationship.

Now then, would anyone like to go to breakfast this fine Sunday morning?   My treat!