Friday, December 11, 2015

The Transition

I am finding that I must make a transition.  To change from my world filled with dreams of what could a reality of what will not.
And so the immortality of youth fades with the study of my own psychometry. Fighting the urge to leave the warm effervescence that kept this will alive in the arms of hope...I have decided to somehow capture it here...before it is lost in the abomasum of life and is gone forever.  That wonderful and life-giving perspective of youth is fading,  and I fear it will be gone in perpetuity...
     And so it begins.   The Transition. I can only hope that much is not lost already. That beautiful and wondrous perspective of youth,...however locked in perplexity....kept alive and fed by eternal hope.   The will and ability to dream has begun to cannibalize this heart,  ..for the dreams were my own and my heart kept them alive. But now reality has muffled them and my heart must beat harder to prove they are still within me..
   Yes, that awesome and resilient perspective that is only gleaned by youth,  has lost some of it's impermeable shield. And as it's layers of protection wear down to a thin membrane, heart, soul begin to feel the sharpened tines of a new reality.         A changed perspective.
One that I can guess by the experience of those I have encountered there,..will build hardened layer upon hardened a blackened pearl in a sand infested shield against these wretched times, and help them adapt to the new reality.  Keeping them shielded from the rays of hope, which they now perceive the clutches ..of hope..