Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Stung By A Bee

The fat round creatures with black and yellow stripes.  The ones that make sweet honey. They hover when they fly, sometimes right in front of your face. They land on bright and beautiful flowers and collect pollen. Then they fly for miles back to hives made from wax to make us delicious sweet honey. They are so cool.
     It stung me. That fat  bee bitch . I was just standing there, and it landed on my hair. When I went to pull it out, the stoopid thing stung me..right in the web of my fingers. Ouch!!  Never mind the honey!  I really don't eat it much anyway. That was totally uncalled for. Maybe bees aren't so great.
About a week later, I was innocently walking down a hiking trail and tripped over a small rotting log.  Proud of my recovery and glad I avoided a faceplant, I smiled to myself in a half grinning "Sheewsh!" , and strode forward while glancing back.  Something was wrong.  Things got fuzzy. I squished my eyes together to clear the sweat from them. But it wasn't sweat . It was a cloud. A cloud of the bee bitch's sister cousins called yellow jackets. I ran...they followed. Sting!  Sting!  I guess that log was important to them. Sting! Sting! Forty-seven stings later ( wasn't counting while I was running) ,  I lost them when I passed three hikers coming from the other direction.  Sorry innocent hikers. But I had been stung enough! I made my way back to my car and drove home in tearful rage, cursing all'winged creatures related to the bee!
      Against all that had been indoctrinated to me, I developed a sort of , well, ...."prejudice"... against bees and their kinfolk.  When I see a bee, my instinctive reaction is to run, or to kill it. My instincts contradicting the indoctrination of non-prejudice. To pre-judge...is just wrong!   Or am I to be allowed this learned instinct?  Am I allowed to carry this experience of pre-judgement into the human realm?  Am I politically incorrect to harbor instinctive biases?  
      I am allowed to think, and think freely. To contemptfully insinuate that I am either wrong, or bad....to dare straddle the lines of political incorrectedness is in itself a hate filled bias against free thinkers. I am allowed my instincts and they are not necessarily wrong.  I can pre judge, and I will pre judge.  Because I say this, what will you judge about me?