Saturday, January 9, 2016

Rule of "THREE" S

Once is not enough,  even though it might really suck.  Twice...indicates a pattern!  Definitely a pattern!   No question!  This thing...this thing that really happening WAY too often! Now,  it's time to complain!

But for some reason,.... a reason I have not figured out yet,....most people simply cannot voice their complaint without  " the rule of three".  This has become a very interesting phenomena to me in the display of human behaviors. The complaint must be voiced as having happened " 3 "  times!  

Watch this,  and someone please tell me the psychology behind the reason "three" so magical a threshold when voicing a complaint......and somehow makes the complaint more legitimate!

Listen to someone bitch about someone,  or something,  ...and listen for the "3".   It is a small lie.   An ever so slight exaggeration. .... But it is an exaggeration that must be made to lend legitimacy to whatever it is they are complaining about.   Now,  whenever I hear   "This is the THIRD time this happened!  :(   "    .....I instantly know that the bitching bitcher is a lying liar...and ,  for me,  his complaint has a little LESS legitimacy.