Saturday, March 31, 2012

I Can't Find It!

    As children, sometimes we give up...before we begin.  Instant mental depression when told to clean up our room! Six months of clothes , games, and candywrappers.  Old socks or new? Washed or clean? Do I have to smell'um?  Better to close the door and hide the mess.  We were overwhelmed.
    Rather than beginning to even challenge the convoluted quagmire that has tentacled itself around our beating hearts....we have given up.  The task seems overwhelming now, as we have rested on our laurels....or someone elses laurels...and allowed decades of garbage to pile up as we thoughtlessly gazed into fantasy's oblivion.
      How would you approach a seemingly overwhelming task today?  Would you attempt to feed off fantasy until your life's end? Or would you confront reality and pick it apart...piece by piece ...until you conquered it?  Would you, like a child, close the door...overwhelmed....and give up,  before you begin?
      There is a truth in the value of freedom. Truth finds a way of revealing itself. Somewhere....under the will be found by those who have taken on the task to uncover it.