Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Reduced to a Number

     You are a number.   With the onset of the computer age, it has become oh so efficient to 'reduce' everyone and a number.  Then, those numbers can be.... CRUNCHED!.
What happens when everything is reduced to a number?  What happens when YOU have been reduced to a number?  Why,  you have been REDUCED.  Will you accept that the bright and colorful spectrum of your human  soul, your personality, .....of your humanity ...will only be expressed in black....or white?   The awesome efficiency of disregarding, squelching, homogenizing, oppressing...reducing...the human spirit by expressing it in a statistic or number.......dims the wonderous light that is carried in each of us.
     You are more than a number.  In this era of computers, there has been a subtle and subconscious ....but real..assault on your humanity.   For all of the work put into it, it will always be lacking. It is a lazy and unthinking, frustrated  skill-less and artless undertaking. Those who embrace the numbers ,  have actually 'succumbed' to the numbers,  because dealing with people on a human level has become much to difficult for them. Only love people with no math skills.