Monday, March 19, 2012

Bound by Freedom

       In your elusive quest for freedom, have you become bound by the illusion. Are you freedom bound, or bound by freedom's illusion. What will you sacrifice to keep the dream alive? Will you cannibalize the reality to maintain the fantasy?
       Your dream is important! But do not make it a mere fantasy. While you wait, hope, and meander in the fantasy, reality is changing. Will you wake up?   ....or will you comatose, atrophy....surrender to being spoon fed.  Reality of oppression nears, as you acclimate and assimilate.....As you sleep to keep the dream slowly kill it with your complacency.
     Tasers, redlight cameras, patriot act, sopa.....pipa...the irs...trillion dollar federal budgets...pride in legislation....judgement before trial...the most incarcerated nation in the known universe.  Symptoms of an illness whose cure won't be found while quivering under the bedsheets.......

1 comment:

  1. In the first two paragraphs, I felt like you were talking about the individual's inner dreams and how just holding on to them is not enough. Then you applied that concept to the whole nation! I guess our society is really one big manifestation of what's inside each of us, in a way. Very nice piece of writing!