Monday, March 14, 2016

Too Big to Fail......When Your Ego is Your Amigo!

Recent history has shown the American taxpayer that some things...are just...."Too big to fail".   Saving, subsidizing, and propping up huge corporations on the American taxpayer's dollar,  we have subsidized Greed!     Insane profiteering,     hugely overpaid CEO's,    backroom deals,   multinational ties,   ethics that are  God-forsaken.  Worship of the Holy Dollar...defines their morality.  Success alone would not satisfy the voracious hunger of Greed!  The lifeblood of the American consumer stolen from him.  The fruits of his toil taken both at the point of profit...., and then again at the point of subsidy.
A paradoxical point to ponder.....what else do we know now,....that is " Too big to fail" ...?

                                        Donald Trump's Ego!

Why paradoxical?  Because it is this BEAUTIFUL BOMBACIOUS EGO....that's going to save us from sinking into condoned and dunning Socialism,  never to emerge again with the life and energy of Capitalism.  

A Capitalist by nature, persevering years of potential failure,  his SUCCESSES EGO.

Some things are just too big to fail!  It is a good thing,  that Mr. Trump has such an ego. The embarassment and  ridicule of failure..... will drive him toward success.