Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Reason for the Season

More Clinton.  More Bush.  A narcissistic  indoctrinated  punk President,   voted into office because of his skin color.

    These people are the "Reason for the Season".     Trump season.

Suddenly,  Donald Trump is not only a viable candidate....but he seems like a REAL solution in escaping  the ever growing black hole of a politically correct RELIGION.....a religion  developed by   the U.S. Government.  It's smarmy mentalities are  propaganda proliferated by a liberally bent press.  Political parties usurping power ,  and indoctrinating their blindly faithful congregation.

 But those who have been sitting quietly in the back of the pews were not sleeping!  They have risen... and are making their way to the front of the Church. The fiery new preacher offers freedom from the deluge....from the cursed indoctrination they have been spoon fed ,....while forced  to kneel at the altar with their hands tied behind their backs!

It ain't Christmas.  But your  "SAVIOR"...,  Barack Obama, ... and his cohorts...are the "REASON FOR THE SEASON!!

                                        TRUMP SEASON!