Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Never Fear Your Government

   Ahh, yes!   The naive principles I latched onto as  a young boy. Simple concepts conveyed to me by complex men.....often leached into conversations over the dinner table.  Truths often debated,  but never denied. ...   for truth cannot be denied.  For many, integral to their own freedom, is freedom from fear.  Freedom from fear is to trust and have faith. To trust and have faith in government, is  a desire for freedom from fear.
      I say to you that it is important to fear your government, and that you should never fear your government.  Two seemingly opposite concepts that are both true.  The next time you pass a state trooper and your heart palpitates.....that's fear.  The next time you curse the IRS at tax time...but pay anyway knowing the consequences...that's fear. The next time you concede to the oppression in order to salvage the status quo..that is fear.  When you trade your freedom for the illusion of security...it is out of fear.
    Never fear your government.  It should never control you, and certainly  never through fear.


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  1. I agree with your message whole heartily; but sadly there is something very wrong about some of the departments government and state handle it's People. When good people are scared to call to police that protect them; fearing that it seems all to often that the police are more interested in making arrests then protecting it's citizens. "Guilty until proven innocent" Had sadly become an unspoken standard. We need to change that as a people.

    I do agree with your message and I wish more people would take an honest, strong, respectful, and fearless (not reckless or rude)attitude when dealling with government agency's.